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Valente Marmi, the experience that makes the difference!

We can meet any demand and requirement based on design and customer specifications. We work natural stone to shape works in marble and granite for construction, flooring, paneling, garden furniture, bathrooms and kitchens, artifacts in general.

We create tailored slabs and blocks of natural stone perfectly finished for use in construction

We perform customized processing of sheets and blocks of stone, marble and granite to produce furnishing accessories such as stairs, floors, floors, kitchen tops, internal and external coverings and bathroom. We are available to professionals of the sector and private to view samples of different materials and types more suitable for every need. We are also specialized in the finishing of marble and granite to build tombs, tombstones, capitals, coverings and furniture graves.

Furnishing items

The wide range of materials present in the company we can satisfy all requirements and needs of our customers. With our marble and granite can realize building coverings indoor and outdoor fireplaces, furnishing accessories, statues and stone artifacts and funerary art.


We have experience in the field of more than 40 years. We are able to provide for businesses and individuals, the best natural stone, marble and granite machined to perfection and durability. Construction jobs are varied: thresholds, frames, window sills, stairs and floors.

Kitchens and bathrooms

We work by hand all the blocks of stone slabs from all over the world. We are specialized in working marble for decorating bathroom and kitchen sinks, bathtubs and floors, and plans for tops in kitchens, modular units and professional.
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Monumental Art

We have a wide choice of best quality marble and granite to create monumental works of art, statues, garden furniture. We create tailored cemetery works of all kinds: from gravestones, statues, to the architectural elements of private chapels.
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