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Natural Stone, Marble and Granite high quality, only the best for your home!

We work with private customers, architects, builders and construction companies for the supply of materials for the construction of thresholds, window sills, internal and external cladding, stairs, public works, funerary art in general.

Processing of Marble, Granite and Natural Stone national and foreign

We present a selection of natural stone that we treat more frequently, Italian but also foreign products. On request we can provide any type of material and work to meet the various needs of all our customers.

After a careful selection, we work the stone by hand but with the most modern machinery and, thanks to our long experience, we transform it into real works of art applied in many different environments. The pride of our company is precisely to build jobs that only a professional can perform masterful.


Marble is a limestone rock with particular elegance with multiple shades and colors. Gives class and refinement to the rooms. Thanks to its precious aesthetics is especially suitable for internal uses, in particular for floors, flat surfaces, stairs, coverings and decorative elements. It is ideal for all those who love the precious environments, elegant and refined.


Granite is a natural stone composed primarily of quartz and is presented with a medium or coarse grain structure. Difficult to machine, has a high resistance to wear, compression and abrasion and thanks to the presence of quartz is suitable and durable for external environments. It is widely used in flooring and interior and exterior coverings.

Roman Travertine

Roman travertine is a natural elegant stone, gentle but robust whose main characteristic is to withstand time and, therefore, suitable for different uses in construction. Suitable for flooring, for the coatings of vertical surfaces, is used in both outdoor and indoor. It is used to make decorative items such as balustrades, handrails or fireplaces.

Trani stone

The Stone of Trani has good impermeability and slip resistance. Ideal for internal and outdoor use with function both structural and ornamental. For coatings it is processed in size to irregular slabs or cubes for flooring. Its color varies from white to ivory or yellow ground but the most popular is the dirty white which gives a vintage look to the stone.

Apricena stone

The Apricena stone is a natural stone limestone, widely recognized for its high strength and durability. Its color can range from beige, ivory and pink. It is an excellent material, used for the construction of load-bearing structures, architectural elements, external coatings of various kinds and for the realization of pavings, decorations, interior walls.


Onyx is a variety of quartz whose color tones ranging from red, brown, and a whole range of gray to black, having a surface designed by streaks and crystalline shades. Onyx is less compact and may present defects of the marble and natural cracks which are treated with resin, so that the surface is uniform and compact.


Quartzite is a rock consisting substantially of quartz, particularly resistant to thermal shock, abrasion, acid and chafing. Depending on the locations of mining there are several quality in composition and color. It is a stone that is used in both outdoor and indoor, frequently used for wall cladding and flooring.

Palladian tumbled

The Palladian tumbled is a special processing of the marble with the characteristic of being non-slip. It is frequently used to pave wet areas such as swimming pools and solarium. Thanks to the low cost of this material are realized coatings, flooring and decorative rustic stone with the right balance between natural beauty and economy.

Biancone Trani

The Biancone Trani has a uniform color ranging from light beige to the slightly darker. It is suitable for floors, stairs and wall coverings. The material is resistant to wear and cold weather. It is a natural stone very versatile, can be used for glossy interior stairs, floors, walls, or smooth or rough for floorings and outdoor staircases.